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      How to clean the car condenser

      The condenser is an important part of the car air conditioner, which affects the cooling effect. How to clean the car condenser? Let's take a look at the car condenser maintenance method.

      Car condenser cleaning tool

      Toothbrush or brush, water gun, water pipe and water pipe connection, screwdriver.

      Car condenser cleaning method

      1. Drain the detergent. The washing product of the condensing net is alkaline and slightly corrosive to the condenser, so it is important to reduce the concentration of water, because the too high concentration will only wash the pipe very clean, but the corrosion is not considered.

      2. Start the car and turn on the air conditioner to make the electronic fan rotate. Rinse with clean water first, and use the rotation of the fan to make the clear water spread throughout the condenser. It must be flushed to the position. In the meantime, the electronic fan may stop because the condenser temperature is too low. At this time, the flushing should be stopped and the condenser should be stopped. The temperature rises and the electronic fan is re-operated.

      3. After the entire condenser is wet, use a water spray tool (such as watering flowers, etc.) to spray the washed product onto the surface of the condenser. At this time, the electronic fan should also be in operation and use it. The operation is inhaled and distributed to all corners, and it is estimated that it will be sprayed. At this point, turn off the air conditioner and the engine, observe the surface of the condenser, and after a few minutes, you will see the surface of the dirt slowly "floating", with some small bubbles, wait a few minutes (we will generally wait for ten Fifteen minutes, depending on the specific concentration).

      4. Start the air conditioner again to make the fan rotate. At this time, rinse with a large amount of water. The more thoroughly the flushing, the better. This step should not be lazy. When you have enough, you will find that the surface of the condenser is clean. We can generally Wash the condenser to something like new.

      Some car owners fear that they are not professional enough to drive the car to a professional car wash shop to let professionals help to clean, in fact, this is not a small consumption.

      The above describes how to clean the car condenser, let's take a look at the air conditioning maintenance skills.

      Air conditioning tips

      Many times, air conditioning problems are caused by improper use. Experts say that when using air conditioners, there are actually many techniques.

      1. Pay attention to the wind speed gear switching. In the normal operation of the car, in order to prevent excessive frosting of the evaporator and affect the operation of the air conditioning system, the air supply speed and temperature control of the air conditioner should not be placed at the same time for a long time. However, when the vehicle speed is lower than 25km/h, the wind speed switch should be placed in the low speed gear to avoid insufficient power generation and insufficient air-conditioning.

      2. When the first hot air is re-opened and the air-conditioning window is closed, the air-conditioning system has the highest efficiency. However, if the car is parked for a long time under the scorching sun and the car is very hot, after opening the air conditioner, the window should be opened and the hot air in the car should be discharged before closing. In this way, the cooling rate of the air conditioner will be greatly accelerated.

      3, start the internal circulation to improve the cooling efficiency Although it does not advocate the long-term use of the inner circulation function of the air conditioner, but if you want to achieve the fastest and most efficient cooling, the inner loop must not be ignored. Another function of the inner circulation is to prevent the entry of dirty air. If the car is driving on a dusty road, the inner circulation can prevent dust from entering the vehicle.

      4, flexible choice of wind direction wind direction cooling air conditioning wind direction is best upwards, because the cold air will sink down, the wind direction gear is best to choose the blowing surface block. Adjusting the outlet is best. Do not choose a blower because the temperature of the windshield is high, which will offset a large part of the cooling effect.

      Air conditioning maintenance skills

      Due to the complicated working environment, compared with household air conditioners, automotive air conditioners need more “care”. The following aspects are necessary for maintenance.

      1. Observe the liquid level of the refrigerant. Use the observation window of the dryer to check the liquid level of the refrigerant. The glass peephole is usually mounted on the lid of the dryer, running the engine and air conditioning system, and observing the flow of refrigerant through the glass peephole. If the air conditioner is working properly, the clear chilled liquid can be seen flowing through the peephole, and occasionally small bubbles are caught at high temperatures, and small air bubbles can be seen when the air conditioning system is turned off.

      2. Whether the refrigerant is sufficient to go to the repair shop for testing regularly, it can be estimated by sensing the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet lines of the dryer, or by detecting the amount of refrigerant through the manifold pressure gauge. In addition, check the hose connections of the air conditioning system for oil. If leakage is found, it must be promptly removed from the maintenance office.

      3. Regularly clean the condenser with a water pipe to flush the condenser, because the surface of the car condenser is clean and easy to dissipate heat to the outside world. Regular cleaning of the condenser surface can greatly improve the cooling effect of the air conditioning system.

      4. Check the compressor belt. If the surface of the belt is in contact with the pulley groove, the side is bright, and there is “吱吱” noise when starting the air conditioner. This indicates that the belt is slippery. The belt and pulley should be replaced. If the belt is too loose, it should be adjusted. Otherwise, it will be easy to make. The air conditioning system is poorly cooled.

      The above is about the complete cleaning of the car condenser and the car condenser maintenance method, I hope to help everyone.