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      Car condenser broken performance

      The obvious performance of the car condenser is that it is leaking snow. The car air conditioner is not cooled. Of course, it is necessary to check it slowly to know if the condenser is broken.

      1, the leakage of the condenser is generally seen from the appearance, such as scratches and broken, leaking points leaking oil traces. The leakage of the evaporation box is low because of the low pressure, and the outer surface is dew condensation, which is hidden in the evaporation box and is generally difficult to be found. The leak detection of the condenser and the evaporation tank is generally obtained by a gas tightness test (charge test), the test pressure is 2.0 to 2.0 MPa for the condenser, and 1.2 MPa for the evaporation tank.

      2. The most common faults in condensers and evaporators are dirt clogging and leakage.

      The dirt can be clogged with nitrogen or dried compressed air repeatedly until it is clean and unobstructed. The condenser and the evaporation tank must always clean the surface dirt, paying attention to the heat transfer fins not to be overturned or damaged to ensure their heat transfer performance. Under normal conditions, the surface temperature of the evaporation chamber is very low, but only a large amount of condensation can not be frosted or frozen.

      The effect of air conditioning refrigeration is related to the cleaning of the fins of the condenser. The surface of the condenser will reduce the heat dissipation efficiency due to the covering of dust and debris. Once restarted, the pressure of the air conditioning system increases and overheats, which has a serious impact on the compressor and related components. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the entire air conditioning system, it is essential to keep the surface of the condenser clean.

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